2017 Conference: "One Flesh"

"One Flesh Spiritually" - Pastor Bunjee & Brenda Garrett  LISTEN    WATCH   FUNNY VIDEO


"One Flesh Financially" - Pastor John & Kenda Newberry  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


"One Flesh Purposely" - Pastor Mark & Jessie Martinez  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


"One Flesh Physically" - Pastor Steve & Brandi Westfall  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


2016 Conference: "Surviving Marriage"

"Surviving Stubbornness" - Pastor Bunjee & Brenda Garrett  LISTEN    WATCH   FUNNY VIDEO


"Surviving Sickness" - Pastor John & Kenda Newberry  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


"Surviving Serving" - Pastor Joe & Sheila Marquez  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


"Surviving Separation" - Pastor Larry & Hannah Overton  LISTEN    WATCH    FUNNY VIDEO


2015 Conference: "The Ingredients that Make a Happy Marriage"


"The Right Recipe" - Pastor Bunjee & Brenda Garrett  LISTEN or WATCH


"Sugar & Spice" - Pastor Mark & Jess Martinez  LISTEN or WATCH


"Three Yolks" - Pastor Dennis & Laurie Norman  LISTEN or WATCH


"Seven Measures of Thyme" - Pastor Louie & Yolie Delgado LISTEN or WATCH

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